Prime holiday locations in 8 sunny countries

Meeting Point Hotels are located in popular vacation spots in 8 countries. At each sunny destination, our hotels are set either on the beach, in a seaside destination or in the city center. Our destinations include the Canary Islands, Morocco, Malta, Italy, Croatia, Greece, Turkey and Egypt.

Whether you are seeking a charming villa in Greece, a luxury boutique hotel in the Canary Islands or a family-friendly all-inclusive resort in Turkey, you will find a hotel dedicated to providing warm hospitality with a smile and authentic experiences infused with local flair.


Boasting long coastlines and hidden coves, Croatia unveils its beauty amidst the turquoise and gliterring waters. With islands bordered by the Adriatic Sea, Croatia promises a myriad of majestic experiences for its visitors.



Straddling both Asia and Europe, Turkey is the destination full of dramatic coves, sandy stretches and teal waters which make it one of the most renowned beach destinations in the world. 

Las Palmas - Canary Islands

Canary Islands

The Canary Islands are an eclectic mix of natural wonders. With over 1,500 kilometers of coastline and their pristine beaches, the Canary Islands feature an array of welcoming seaside towns with which all the travellers will fall in love.


Located in the northeastern corner of Africa, the coast of Egypt combines the allure of turquoise waters with the breathtaking views. The wonder of its rich history and majestic landscape makes the destination one of the top countries to visit for all globetrotters.


With its long Mediterranean coastline and iconic gastronomy, Italy is one of the dream destinations. Dotted with white sands and blue-green seas, the pristine beaches of Italy invites all travellers to discover its beauty.


Between Sicily and the North African coast, Malta is home to a stunning and surprising landscape. With its turquoise lagoons and ancient cities, this island is ideal for adventurous travellers.



Famed for its sandy beaches and coasts dotted with umbrellas, the landscape of Greece is a picturesque sight to behold for all the visitors. The nature beauty with a mix of historical architecture makes the destination even more mythical and majestic.


Bordering the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, Morrocco has endless landscape and interesting attractions to discover. From world-class windsurfing to sandstone cliffs, each coastal area of this western North African country offers something exotic and unique.

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