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The Meeting Point Hotels portfolio includes Design Plus Hotels, KAIRABA Hotels & Resorts,
Lemon & Soul Hotels and LABRANDA Hotels & Resorts.

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Labranda hotels & Resorts

Whether you’re looking to escape the everyday or you are seeking to immerse yourself in new cultures, discover colorful, local traditions or just blend into the vibrant nightlife of a city or town, LABRANDA Hotels & Resorts has your vacation covered. The LABRANDA collection features more than 50 hotels and resorts spread across eight countries in inspiring destinations and with five different categories that cater to all your needs.

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Design Plus Hotels

Design Plus Hotels was created with the idea that no two cities are alike. This collection of hotels is curated with the guest experience in mind. At each Design Plus Hotel, local culture and traditions blend to offer a delightful sense of luxury. With the ideal mix of superb service and brilliant design, every destination tells a unique story where guests are the essence of the narration that brings the hotel to life. The hotels vary remarkably from city to beach, yet they share a few common characteristics: they are unique works of art infused with individual charm and elegance while featuring the best in service, style, food and drink.

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Kairaba hotels & resorts

When seeking a premium beach destination for a family holiday, couple's getaway, group vacation or solo trip, it's all about your journey at KAIRABA Hotels & Resorts. The guest experience at these hotels is defined by fun activities, plenty of opportunities to achieve inner peace and rejuvenation and timeless settings. Feel the vibe at KAIRABA, whether it's the exhilarating rhythms of recreational adventures, the laid-back tempo of a poolside lounge or the lively beat of an exclusive KAIRABA summer soundtrack. No matter what you’ve come to do, KAIRABA has the right scene for the right people at the right time.

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Lemon & soul Hotels

Catering to families, couples and solo travelers, Lemon & Soul hotels are located in popular holiday areas close to the beach and the sea. These hotels offer a relaxed atmosphere and basic services in a bright and friendly atmosphere. In the spirit of our citrus-y brand name, Lemon & Soul Hotels promises a zesty experience with lemon-inspired color palettes and artwork and tangy treats like lemon cakes, lemon-based cocktails and lemon patisseries available to guests at each of our hotels.

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MP Managed Hotels

MP Managed Hotels are individual all-inclusive vacation lodgings, backed by our top-notch hospitaity administration. These down-to-earth hotels are found on some of our most exciting destinations, from the Canary Islands to the hilltop coasts in Turkey. These laid back hotels are perfect for travelers who crave an accessible and friendly style vacation.

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