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Bei MP Hotels werden unsere Werte und unsere Hingabe zu persönlichem Service von unserem Führungsteam und den Hotelmitarbeitern verkörpert.

Wir glauben, dass unsere Mitarbeiter das wichtigste Kapital sind und wir bemühen uns, die Mühen und Beiträge jedes Mitarbeiters durch häufiges Lob und individuelle Anerkennung zu würdigen. Hier finden Sie mehr als nur einen weiteren Job. Sie werden die Ermutigung, Unterstützung und Ressourcen genießen, die Sie brauchen, um ein unbegrenztes persönliches und berufliches Wachstum in der Hotelbranche zu realisieren.

Neben exzellenten Sozialleistungen, Gehältern und einer unterstützenden und einladenden Arbeitsumgebung bietet eine Karriere bei MP Hotels reichlich Möglichkeiten zur Weiterentwicklung. Wenn Sie daran interessiert sind, unserem Team beizutreten, laden wir Sie ein, uns zu kontaktieren, um mehr über die derzeit offenen Stellen zu erfahren

The MPI Business Competence Center (BCC)/MPI Operations in Malta is a team consisting of experts on Business Processes and IT Systems of the operational life of FTI Group’s DMC world. The MPI BCC/MPI Operations team consider the MP destinations as clients and our aim is to provide all entities with tools, concepts, processes, IT solutions and support to function smoothly and ultimately improving Time to Market and Conversion, Data Quality and Efficiency.


  • Manage of all MPI Group IT systems of all departments.
  • Structure and Roll-out International Projects and Knowledge Transfer.
  • Ensure efficiency of all key IT and Business processes by analysis, implementation of automation and focus on Digitization and Automation.
  • Form an integral part in the development of new IT systems and business processes in terms of business ownership, leading on requirements and validation.
  • Monitor System Data Quality and Support on a 1st and 2nd level.
  • Provide destination support on the job, such as setting up of destinations, setting up of processes and workflows and assisting in crisis management.
  • Synchronize with FTI Group’s functional departments, use synergies and ensure efficient process along the full supply chain.
  • Keep up a team culture that allows sharing opinions, transparency and open feedback.
    Ensure the team is regularly updated with all information relevant to their work as well as FTI Group strategic visions.
  • Communicate job expectations; planning, monitoring, appraising and reviewing job contributions in a structured manner.
  • Coach and mentor management staff within the MPI BCC/MPI Operations team, structure and enforce personal development plans of all staff.
  • Promote and develop a continuous improvement culture across the entire MPI BCC/MPI Operations team.
  • Work collaboratively with all MPI and FTI Group stakeholders and individual departments to ensure high quality of standards and production efficiency.
  • Look out and use FTI Group Synergies, make the MPI DMC world an integral part of the FTI Group in all aspects and ensures the adherence to FTI group policies and processes.
  • Define a strategy and prioritize projects, initiatives and improvements in the field of IT systems, Data and Process Management.
  • Drive Initiatives targeting state of the art Digitization and Automation around Business and IT processes in the MPI world.
  • Ensure timely and on budget delivery of planned projects and initiatives.
  • Supervise and ensure quality of roll outs of International Projects and Initiatives.

Educational Qualifications:

An academic qualification at graduate level (Bachelor’s degree) is desirable but not mandatory.

Knowledge and Experience:

  • Have a very good knowledge in Tourism Operations.
  • Have good understanding of technical processes.
  • Good understanding of business management as well as understanding key MPI business KPIs and financial performance.
  • Minimum of 3 years of professional experience in a similar position or relevant field.
    Leadership experience of min. 2 years.
  • Proficient in the use of MS Office.

Special Working Conditions:

  • Based in Malta Office and needs a Maltese working permission.
  • Flexible working hours.
  • Frequent International travel required.

The Senior Contracting Manager is responsible for overseeing the Contracting Department activities to ensure all contract information is accurate and all hotel information is retrieved in a timely manner.

Key Responsibilities:

– Negotiate with hotels and suppliers for exclusive rates and terms & conditions.
– Negotiate and implement of B2B hotels and allocations.
– Keep abreast of products and exclusive deals negotiated by other DMCs with hotel partners.
– Ensure all contracts and basic information are accurate against existing information of the specific product.
– Conduct market survey on business and growth of T/Os.
– Maintain frequent contact  with oversees T/Os.
– Negotiate with suppliers for familiarization trips for the respective T/Os.
– Negotiate over-riding commission schemes with hotels and suppliers.
– Update T/Os and hotels on their respective production data figures.
– Ensure that rates & allocations are available on the reservation system at any given time.
– Ensure that all new & existing hotel descriptions information is maintained and updated to T/O.
Secure approval for rate changes & special offers.
– Monitor date sensitive offers & expiration rates of EBD’s.
– Intervene with relocation arrangements and alternative accommodation when needed.
– Oversee the work of all Contracting Managers and Executive employees.
– Ensure that Contracting Department employees are knowledgeable of all existing products and T/Os.
– Develop a succession plan for the Contracting Department.

Educational Qualifications:

BA degree in business or Hotel Management or related field. MA is an asset.


5-6 years of experience in a destination management company or similar.


The COO is responsible for the optimization of the day-to-day operations for the MP destination. The job holder will strategically plan, monitor and ensure department goals are attained.


– In liaison with CEO & CFO, establish budget, forecast as and when directed or necessary.
– Accountable for the performance of the operations department to deliver services meeting customers’  expectation, in line with budget and forecast.
– Act as a business partner to the MP Management Team, FTI group and Preferred partners.
Commercially oriented, ensure DMC products, services are competitive meeting and responding to internal and external customers.
– Develop, benchmark, negotiate and competitively price all products, programs and in- resort services.
– Execute the business strategy for MP non-accommodation products and services.
– Conduct regular meetings with department heads to ensure priorities are clear by setting units’ objectives.
– Contract and ensure activities operated in-house and outsourced comply with the organizational requirements for quality, standard and insurance.
– Ensure and control quality  of all output, product and services pertaining to MP customers.
– Ensure completion of MP “Service Standard” manuals, SOP and training for all operations staff.
– Ensure correct brand exposure as per company standard through innovative collaterals, ensure uniforms and service levels are maintained at the destination as per KPI .
– Ensure all services, products at the destination is in alignment with the Health and Safety policies & procedures required by the Tour Operators.
– Implement new strategies for excursions, transfers and transport units to improve revenue,  ensuring that MP own fleet of vehicles is optimally used, maximizing profitability and capitalizing on incremental business opportunities.
– Optimize unit cost of the operations departments to maximizing profits in all areas of the operations through efficiencies and innovative use of available resources, including generation of auxiliary revenue such as through incentives, overrides, alternative source of revenue.
– Ensure that the inbound tour operator software (ITOS) or any other application is used is being fully utilized.
– Ensure that team leverage on technology optimizing efficiencies, ensure that DMC  systems and any other application are always up to date and full functionalities utilized.
– Monitor, Maintain and analyze the “customer feedback forms”.
– Oversee the “non-accommodation” reservation department as a call centre.
– Engage with non-accommodation supplier to ensure MP retain best conditions and an edge over competition.
– Develop and maintain key relationships with business partners and government entities.

Educational Qualifications:

BA degree in business or similar field.


7-8 years management experience, 1-2 years out of which are in a senior operation level position preferably in a multinational firm.


The Contracting Executive is responsible for updating contract information to ensure accurate retrieval of hotel information in a timely manner.

Key Responsibilities:

– Process contracts: load content from the contract into the MP database including initial hotel description, rates, room types, allocations, release dates, close-outs, specials, EBD’s, minimum night stays, child policy & maximum room occupancy.
Verify contracts and compare basic information against existing information of the specific product.
– Prepare contracts for inventory control department to load rates & allocations into reservation system.
– Maintain tariff database: create new hotel descriptions & update existing descriptions.
– Collect new hi-resolution images of all products for clients use in brochure production.
– Process product updates, renovations and other related information in order to maintain current & accurate product information at all times.
– Action rate changes & special offers in a timely & accurate manner.
– Monitor date sensitive offers & expiration rates of EBD’s.
– Scan original contracts into master database files.
– Aid Product Managers with contractual assistance such as ensuring all contracts are counter-signed.
– Assist with relocation arrangements and alternative accommodation when required.
– Gain thorough knowledge of inbound tour operator software (ITOS) features.
– Keep abreast with TO systems.

Educational Qualifications:

– University degree in business or related field.

– Diploma in tourism is preferred.

Required Experience:

– 1-2 years of experience in a destination management company or similar.


– MS Office.

– English (Written and Spoken)

– French language proficiency is mandatory.


Job Purpose:

The Commercial Executive is the general “point of contact” for all enquiries from existing B2B Clients such as Tour Operators (TO). The Commercial Executive is responsible for ensuring the competitiveness and driving growth as well as profitability of the client in the destination of focus. The Commercial Executive coordinates the services of all DMC departments (Contracting, Data Control, Reservation, Operations and Customer Service, as well as Bookkeeping) and guarantees high quality of work of all departments to support the client’s performance.

About the role/Key Responsibilities :

Risk management & monitoring:

-Rate of Sales (ROS) – Monitoring the TO sales performance by assessing the booking trend and patterns of daily, weekly or monthly booking intake according to the remaining time until arrival.
-Flights and Seats Monitoring – Monitoring flight seats availability of the TO and ensure number of hotel beds match the flight seats still available.

-Support of TO aviation risk by proactively supplying TO with competitive and sufficient hotel content tailored to remaining flight seat capacities.
-Manage unforeseeable circumstances, such as flight seat cancellations resulting in hotel occupancy drops.
-Hotel Commitments and Guarantee Monitoring – Ascertain highest occupancy at highest possible yield of risk hotel content of the Tour Operator or the MP DMC.

Pricing strategy and yield management:

-Choosing and applying mark-ups and pricing schemes according to a pricing strategy aiming at highest volumes at highest yield.
-Relate gross margin percentage per sales invoice to income statement using the right yield to obtain the right revenue.
-Selling the right room to the right customer at the right time. Adjust and dynamically react to constantly changing competitor prices, customer preferences, budgets and demand levels.

Product development and market intelligence:

-Understand the landscape of Meeting Point’s major competition in the destination, their products and pricing strategies.
-Familiarize with the tourism infrastructure in the destination by understanding the touristic suppliers such as hotels, attractions and other leisure installations.
-Provide the TO with high quality products and packages that grant the client a competitive advantage by being the TO exclusively selling this product on the respective source markets as well as offering a good base of “me too” products. Support constant development of new products and keep up a diversified and high quality product portfolio according to clients’ needs.

Client awareness:

-Familiarize yourself with the clients’ source markets in order to recognize trends and changes in consumer behavior.
-Understand Commercial Business Models such as: Flash Sales, Traditional Tour Operator, Last Minute, Online Bedbanks, Groups / MICE and Tailor-made.
-Understand the exchange rate that the TO is trading in fixed on their hedging rates.
-Understand the client’s position amongst competitors and their market position in terms of market share, product offering, pricing, technology and marketing.
-Understand the client’s IT system infrastructure and the respective capabilities in order to ensure bookable product that is loadable and sellable.
-Understand the dynamics and details about distribution of the client be it via traditional brick and mortar travel agencies, online, wholesalers or others.

Further client sales potential:

-Fulfil the role as the ambassador of the client in the destinations.
-Set budgets and sales targets for each client, update and report regular forecasts.
-Develop a strategy with assigned clients outlining clear quantitative and qualitative objectives.
-Set-up and constantly develop a product portfolio including hotel products and in-destination services that fit the client’s requirements.
-Ensure a highest rate of conversion of booking requests into fixed bookings by providing highest inventory availability and most competitive prices.

Team liaison:

-Liaise with the operations department , transport coordinator, accounting team, and controlling, contracting as well as data management teams to ensure the flow of work and consistency of quality.
-In the absence of an accommodation contracting department, perform the duties of a hotel contractor.

About you:

Bachelor’s degree in Business, Sales, Economics or related fields.
1-2 years sales experience in a DMC, travel agency or tour operator.
MS Office.
Verbal and Written Communication skills.
Strategic Thinker.
Stress Management.
Time Management.


The Destination Manager is responsible for providing professional services by handling all tours, transportation, meetings, leisure activities, and other related services.

Key Responsibilities:

-Manage and improve destination offerings.
-Handle all itineraries and related invoices.
-Provide local excursions.
-Prepare presentations on local destination and existing/new hotels.
-Liaise with suppliers to ensure competitive pricing and offerings.
-Prepare and update tour descriptions.
-Keep abreast of all local destination products and services.
-Report on local destination activities.
-Establish a clear complaints-handling procedure to ensure a timely response.
-Handle customer queries and complaints to ensure high-level service delivery.


BA degree in business or Hotel Management or related field. MA is an asset.


4 to 5 years of experience in a destination management company or similar.


The Airport/Hotel Representative is responsible for monitoring the flight information to ensure that all passengers/clients are promptly received and escorted to the designated destination and for ensuring that the TO is represented properly in the destination and for providing customer support at all times.

– Act as the main contact between MP and transport supplier to ensure all arrangements are made as per the respective guest arrival / departure timings.
– Check respective airline ETAs / TODs and alert MP of any schedule changes.
– Escort clients on arrival to their designated means of transportation.
– Assist clients in any issue like lost or damaged baggage.
– Collate information and report promptly on any incident or compliant raised by the client.
– Ensue that Operations Manager is aware instantly of any feedback reported by the client.
– Maintain polite and formal dialogue with guests at all instances.
– Ensure that MP image is maintained at all times in relation to MP uniforms and related items.
– Adhere to the MP “Service Standard” training.
– Prepare the guest ‘welcome pack’ minimum 24 hrs prior to scheduled arrival.
– Liaise with Airport Representative on any irregularities that occurred on arrival.
– Visit guests in hotel and attend welcome meetings.
– Provide full information about the destination.
– Maintain an in-depth knowledge on all offered excursions including timings and pricing.
– Sell excursions and related services.
– Assist guests on any irregular circumstances.
– Collate information and report promptly on any incident or compliant raised by the client.
– Ensue that Operations Manager is aware instantly of any feedback reported by the client.
– Relay hotel standards and safety procedures to Operations Manager promptly.
– Maintain polite and formal dialogue with guests at all instances.
– Ensure that MP image is maintained at all times in relation to MP uniforms and related items.
– Relay travel departure information to clients at least 48 hrs before actual departure.
– Adhere to the MP “Service Standard” training.


The Destination Consultant is responsible for helping clients plan their travels within Destination including tours, excursions, desert safari, tickets to different attraction, theme parks, rental cars.


– Use promotional techniques and materials (brochures, discounts)  to sell tour packages.
– Determine clients’ destination preferences  and advise them on appropriate service and cost based on (age, family status, budget, hobbies.) .
– Plan and sell travel services within Destination available at travel desk as per company guidelines and local law.
– Provide clients relevant information(e.g. ;guides, maps, regulations, events)of selected package and explaining the services in details.
– Book reservations for safari, rental cars, tours and excursions and updating the reservation system accordingly.
– Process credit card and cash payment and issue tickets post inputting the payment details on system.
– Handle travel problems, complaints or refunds in coordination with the supervisor.
– Arrange alternative booking if changes arise before or during the trip.
– Coordinate with operations team to assure services provided by(driver, tour guide) are punctual.
– Meet sales targets and maximize sales and customer experience by suggesting upgrades.
– Answer clients queries via telephone or mail on time and notify supervisor of the same.
– Give advice about local weather conditions, customs, attractions and relevant requirements.
– Offer excellent customer service by being diplomatic and friendly.
– Keep product knowledge up to date whilst having in-depth knowledge of the company’s brochures and destinations.
– Report daily sales to supervisor and assure figures are accurate and matching to issued invoices.
– Coordinate and follow up with operations team on excursions and tours execution and communicate the information of tour pick-up, drop-off and timing


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